Terraces and canopies

Unlike many other Estonian terrace and canopy suppliers, all our important details are pre-manufactured. As a result, the assembly and construction time on the site is significantly reduced and the elements which are produced in a controlled environment are always of higher quality than improvised solutions made with on-site tools.

Portfolio of our terraces and canopies

Why choose professionals?

When building a terrace or canopy, there are a lot of things that can go wrong which result in poor construction and reduce user comfort.

The reason for this is actually simple. The work is performed by people who do not have thorough experience and knowledge in construction. They cannot anticipate issues that an experienced builder can prevent.

If you don’t want your terrace to sink in a few years or the canopy tumble under first snow, our experienced craftsmen are happy to help out.

Properly built terraces and canopies serve you for many years to come.